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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Needed Maintenance or Up-sell Ripoff?

Lately, I have read multiple articles, and watched a few videos discussing auto repair shops' recommendations of maintenance services. Some of the "experts" in the publications I am referring to insinuate that factory-scheduled preventative maintenance is a ripoff, and that the shop is taking advantage of the customer for financial gain on services that are unnecessary. I can't say that all shops are honest and this issue doesn't occur, but I can say that honest shops do exist. I am the owner of 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington - a small, family-owned, independent, auto repair facility. Our main focus with our customers is to be honest and educate them on what it takes to get the most out of their vehicle. I, like the authors of the aforementioned articles and videos, do not believe in the maintenance schedule set forth by the factory. Why, you ask? I feel that the "factory maintenance" is not thorough enough. This schedule is based on what is referred to as "normal" d ... read more