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Yearly Archives: 2019

How To Look After Your Car In Winter.

5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington Would like to touch on the topic of winter maintenance so you and your vehicle remain safe, reliable, and comfortable during the cold winter months. The number one thing overlooked when the temperature drops in my opinion is the electrical system. Older Batteries tend to fail when the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold. Battery Failures are the top reason vehicles are towed in to our facility after a cold snap. Weak Batteries also cause extra strain on the Alternator and Starter. Don't let a Weak Battery strand you in the cold. Second on the list is Wiper Blades. Wiper Blades should be maintained year round, but lets face it as vehicle owners most of us don't think about them until we need them. I recommend purchasing Wiper Blades Specifically designed for winter weather. Also make sure your Windshield Washer Fluid is full preferably with a winter spec formula. Third on our list is Antifreeze which we recommend changing every thirty ... read more

What Would Cause A Check Engine Light To Come On?

First off most of our customers at 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington refer to the light on the dash we are referring to in this article as a Check Engine Light. Some also refer to this light as a "SES" Service Engine Soon, or "MIL" Malfunction Indicator Light, all of which are the same thing. Occasionally this light is confused with the Maintenance Indicator Light which is a reminder light for Factory Scheduled Maintenance. Reasons for the Check Engine Light to come on can vary from simple issues such as a Loose Gas Cap to more complex issues such as a shorted wire, failed ECM/PCM, or the most difficult an intermittently failing electrical solenoid. All modern vehicles are computer controlled. Most have multiple computers that work in sync with each other to make the vehicle operate, this also involves a large number of sensors monitoring what the engine is doing and how it is running. sometimes these sensors fail and will cause the Check Engine Light to come on. Sometim ... read more

Why Are My Headlights So Dim

As we head into Fall and Winter, "Why Are My Headlights So Dim?" is not something you want to be asking yourself. For safety and better visibility in the shorter days 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington is here to help answer this question, and assist you with fixing the problem. Do Headlights dim over time? Yes they do. Headlight Bulbs are a normal wear item over time they will slowly deteriorate and produce less light. Most older vehicles are pretty simple to change bulbs in and if you somewhat handy you can fix this issue yourself. Some newer vehicles can require extensive disassembly to change a bulb, and I recommend having them changed by a professional. Sticking with the topic of Headlight Bulbs, if changing the bulbs does not produce more light output you may want to consider upgrading from a standard Halogen Bulb to an enhanced Halogen Bulb designed for a brighter light output. Depending on your budget you may even want to switch to LED Headlight Bulbs or ev ... read more

What Do Bad Brakes Sound Like?

What Do Bad Brakes Sound Like? This is a common question that almost every Automotive Technician gets asked. Often times Squealing Brakes While Driving, or Brakes Squeaking While Stopping is the most common first indication that a vehicle is getting close to needing Brakes Pad Replacement. Most Brake Pads have wear indicators that produce this noise to let the driver know something is wrong with the Braking System. If the noise from the wear indicator is not heard in time or ignored a grinding noise can occur. Are Grinding Brakes Dangerous? They definitely can be. The grinding noise is due to metal on metal contact between the Brake Pads or Brake Shoes, and Brake Rotors or Brake Drums depending on the system. This means that all the Brake Pad material is gone. Unfortunately Bad Brakes are not always the reason for these noises. Other causes of Brake Noise range from Brake Rotor Flash Rust to Problems With Cheap Brake Pads. Here at 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexingto ... read more

Needed Maintenance or Up-sell Ripoff?

Lately, I have read multiple articles, and watched a few videos discussing auto repair shops' recommendations of maintenance services. Some of the "experts" in the publications I am referring to insinuate that factory-scheduled preventative maintenance is a ripoff, and that the shop is taking advantage of the customer for financial gain on services that are unnecessary. I can't say that all shops are honest and this issue doesn't occur, but I can say that honest shops do exist. I am the owner of 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington - a small, family-owned, independent, auto repair facility. Our main focus with our customers is to be honest and educate them on what it takes to get the most out of their vehicle. I, like the authors of the aforementioned articles and videos, do not believe in the maintenance schedule set forth by the factory. Why, you ask? I feel that the "factory maintenance" is not thorough enough. This schedule is based on what is referred to as "normal" d ... read more