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How To Look After Your Car In Winter.

5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington Would like to touch on the topic of winter maintenance so you and your vehicle remain safe, reliable, and comfortable during the cold winter months. The number one thing overlooked when the temperature drops in my opinion is the electrical system. Older Batteries tend to fail when the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold. Battery Failures are the top reason vehicles are towed in to our facility after a cold snap. Weak Batteries also cause extra strain on the Alternator and Starter. Don't let a Weak Battery strand you in the cold. Second on the list is Wiper Blades. Wiper Blades should be maintained year round, but lets face it as vehicle owners most of us don't think about them until we need them. I recommend purchasing Wiper Blades Specifically designed for winter weather. Also make sure your Windshield Washer Fluid is full preferably with a winter spec formula. Third on our list is Antifreeze which we recommend changing every thirty thousand miles. Make sure your Antifreeze is a quality 50/50 mix and deliverers maximum protection. Weak Antifreeze can cause costly engine failure. Fourth on the list is Tires. Some people may think Tires should be number one on the list, I put it fourth because most people replace worn out tires before winter due to years of this being the typical recommendation. Worn tires are dangerous in snowy wet conditions, also check your Tire Pressure, cold weather tends to decrease Tire Pressure. Fifth spot goes to Lighting. Not only does winter weather make it difficult to see, sometimes it makes you difficult to be seen. Make sure all your Light Bulbs are in working condition and the lenses are in clear condition. Most Headlight Housings can be restored or replacement housings are often available. When possible running your vehicle through a car wash will help wash the grime off your Headlight Lenses. A car wash will also remove road salt film from body panels and could prolong the life of the finish on your car. Lastly for trips or just general safety you should keep an emergency kit in your vehicle for those just in case moments. Visit us at 1498 Leestown Rd Lexington, KY 40511 for a Winter Vehicle Inspection.