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Why Are My Headlights So Dim

As we head into Fall and Winter, "Why Are My Headlights So Dim?" is not something you want to be asking yourself. For safety and better visibility in the shorter days 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington is here to help answer this question, and assist you with fixing the problem. Do Headlights dim over time? Yes they do. Headlight Bulbs are a normal wear item over time they will slowly deteriorate and produce less light. Most older vehicles are pretty simple to change bulbs in and if you somewhat handy you can fix this issue yourself. Some newer vehicles can require extensive disassembly to change a bulb, and I recommend having them changed by a professional.

Sticking with the topic of Headlight Bulbs, if changing the bulbs does not produce more light output you may want to consider upgrading from a standard Halogen Bulb to an enhanced Halogen Bulb designed for a brighter light output. Depending on your budget you may even want to switch to LED Headlight Bulbs or even a HID conversion kit. I highly recommend HID kits be installed by a professional repair facility.

Some vehicle may not have Headlight housings that accept LED Headlight bulbs due to their larger size. HID systems work best with light assemblies that are equipped with projectors.

The second most common cause for dim headlights is Hazy or Cloudy Headlight lenses. you could replace the housings to remedy this issue or stop by 5-Star Auto Repair & Exhaust of Lexington for our Headlight Restoration Service. Lens clarity will definitely effect light output.

Lastly a vehicle could have poor light output due to an Electrical Fault such as a Weak Battery, Failing Alternator, or Shorted Wiring. If you suspect any electrical issues and are in the Lexington Kentucky area give us a call for a Diagnostic Appointment. or stop by 1498 Leestown Rd Lexington KY, 40511